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Ten Years and Going Strong: Convergence 2011 Keynote’s Focus Balances Microsoft’s Commitment to Dynamics with Customer Successes

Thanks to my wife, I’m double-booked and had to head out before the close of the conference. As I wait to board my flight, my feet are tired, very tired, but I’m feeling great about this successful event, both from a partner and an attendee perspective.

I’ve talked often about the growth of the Dynamics User Groups, but during Kirill Tatarinov 's keynote on Monday he presented some pretty impressive stats for Microsoft’s growth as well:

  • Microsoft has been in the ERP space for 10yrs – GP started it all!
  • 2nd largest Convergence conference in history with over 9,300 attendees
  • Millions of users log into Dynamics each day
  • Over 1,000 people have worked for Dynamics for over 10 years

(And I must say, in regards to the attendance at this conference, the expo hall was rocking, tons of people looking for solutions. For me this was a huge change from the last few conferences I attended.)

And it wasn’t all about Microsoft’s growth within the past 10 years. Kirill also highlighted two customers that have been with Microsoft during this time. The first customer highlight was Black Box Network Services, a leader in communications and infrastructure products, who started with Microsoft 10 years ago by acquiring Dynamics SL for just 56 users. Since then the company has experienced insane growth, and has also purchased Dynamics GP for some parts of their organization, and at Convergence 2011, they’re looking at the latest version of Dynamics AX to deploy for the global part of their company.

The 2nd company Kirill highlighted was another 10-year Dynamics user, NK Parts, a global supply chain leader who selected Dynamics NAV as the backbone for their operations. Through the growth of new offices, changes in business, etc., Dynamics NAV has evolved to support their evolving business needs. Still using NAV today, they have been able to virtually eliminate all of the discrepancies from their inventory processes, which has helped them stay in business through recent economic challenges.

Dynamics customers Patagonia, Amax and Hard Rock also spoke via video about how they became dynamic, and how they use innovation coming from Microsoft Dynamics. Kirill mentioned that “Amax deployed GP in under 12 weeks, and now everybody at Amax can run the product. Hard Rock, three people supporting over 3 million in the audience, and they're running Dynamics CRM, a kick-ass product for a kick-ass service. And Patagonia, Patagonia continues the exciting experiment started by their founders 30 years ago, and continues to tweak and improve their business processes by running Dynamics AX as the backbone of their operation.”

Later Steve Ballmer highlighted Hydra-Power Systems and their experience with AX 2012 as part of the TAP program. Although Data Masons didn’t experience the excitement of having Steve Ballmer recognize them, it's exciting that both Patagonia and Hydra-Power Systems also use Vantage Point EDI for Microsoft Dynamics to meet their Dynamics EDI requirements. Participating in the TAP program along with Hydra-Power, Data Masons’ EDI/XML processing solution is ready to roll with AX 2012 day one, while also supporting all previous versions without any ERP customizations required.

By including a healthy group of customer highlights, which promoted the growth of all the Dynamics ERPs, Kirill and Steve delivered a well-balanced presentation that sent the message home – Microsoft’s commitment supports customer growth and success.

Other Resources:

Keynote recording available at: http://www.microsoft.com/Presspass/presskits/dynamics/liveevent.aspx

Keynote transcript available at: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/exec/steve/2011/04-11convergence2011.mspx

Hydra-Power AX 2012 Case Study available at: http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Microsoft-SQL-Server/Hydra-Power-Systems/Industrial-Equipment-Company-Advances-Its-Business-on-Innovative-ERP-Solution/4000009577

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