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Reminders from Coach Dungy as the #MSDYNCOMM Kicks Off the Week

November 4, 2013 @ 9:11 AM

It's been a week back in the office after Tampa and I've been following up with a good deal of people that attended the user group events. Everyone I’ve talked to is noting that Coach Dungy certainly did deliver an 'Elevating' keynote at the Summit and Forum User Group events in Tampa. If did not make the trip to Tampa, I hope you can get a sense of the themes that Dungy elevated in his keynote and his overall contribution to the event through these MVP keynote highlights. And if you attended the event, just a few reminders as we start of this week:

[Mark Polino] ”I thought Tony did a great job of verbalizing what many of us worry about. He talked about the importance of family at event where a lot of people were working in the halls to get payroll done or cut AP remotely. We’re all busy and Tony brought us back to what’s really important.”


[Belinda Allen] “Wow, I loved his half time speech he shared with us - ‘You’re playing bad, if you do not get better we’re going to lose.’ I can easily see that any player who ended up on his team was lucky to have such a grounded leader. He was an excellent keynote, entertaining but with the message that all elements of our life are important. He’s proof that when you when you do balance all aspects of your life you can succeed, not in spite of the balancing but because of the balancing. Thanks to Andy Hafer for sharing Couch Dungy with us!”


[Gretchen Opferkew] “Part of attending the Summit is getting away from your daily tasks and allowing your mind to think creatively and more strategically. Tony Dungy brought the personal, human aspect to the week—helping participants think about what is really important in life and in their careers. This provided a great foundation for learning and thinking about other aspects of successful business and technology strategies.”


[Frank Hammely] I think he is a great man and a captivating speaker. His experience as a coach and a man of faith translates so easily to the business world in terms of applying lessons learned in both business and life.”

For more on Coach Dungy’s keynote, read Coach Dungy Delivers 'Elevating' Keynote by Dynamic Communities. And to echo Belinda, thanks to Andy Hafer for bringing us Coach Dungy! Can’t wait to see who’s next at the User Group events in St. Louis!

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