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The Word on AX 2012 Coming from Convergence 2011: It's ERP for everyone

April 11, 2011 @ 20:04 PM

Behind the “Cloud” of Monday’s keynote featuring Steve Ballmer and Kirill Tatarinov, the speech ended with the announcement and demonstration of Dynamics AX 2012 (beta version). Although the version is not cloud-based, it’s designed as a highly-customizable solution that unlike previous versions, does so without the need for writing any code. Kirill stated that “Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 frees customers from the electronic concrete that has plagued the ERP industry for so long. Customers want flexible yet cost- effective business apps that work the way they do instead of being forced to adapt to the software."

As part of his speech, Kirill focused on Microsoft’s commitment to helping people become more productive, with agile, flexible business processes. He highlighted several customer success stories to better demonstrate this commitment and the AX 2012 wins scored as part of Microsoft’s TAP program. One of the wins highlighted was that of Hydra-Power Systems, a leading manufacturer and distributor of custom hydraulic systems. While we all know Microsoft’s spin on AX 2012, let me give you a snip-it of Kirill’s remarks on Hydra-Power so you can hear the client’s perspective on AX 2012 and the benefits it’s delivering:

“…Dynamics AX 2012 is giving Hydra-Power the ability to easily integrate Web services, such as UPS and vendor invoicing. It automates manual tasks that used to take a lot of time…because of the deep integration with SQL Server, with SharePoint and Office, Dynamics AX 2012 is simple, it's intuitive and it's powerful…it gives Hydra-Power the edge that only a really big company could have had in the past.

…During the last six months, business is really up. Hydra-Power is growing and hiring. And Dynamics AX 2012 makes training new employees much easier than ever before. In fact, before AX 2012, the only place they weren't using Dynamics was on the shop floor. And now, [Hydra-Power] has touch screens down on the shop floor to facilitate real-time timekeeping. That greatly helps them with their costing, and [Bob Jablonski, Operations Manager] says that now his Dynamics ERP system really is for absolutely everybody at Hydra-Power…” Read the Hydra Power Systems AX 2012 Microsoft Case Study

What Microsoft expects is for Hydra-Power’s experience to be every AX-based organization’s experience as well. The public beta version of AX 2012 is available now and the product’s scheduled GA date is set for August 2011. Here are some of the features found in AX 2012 designed to help customers simplify decisions:

  • A powerful foundation through pre-built industry capabilities and comprehensive ERP functionality for financial, human resources and operations management. Delivered in a single, global solution, it gives customers rapid time to value and enables partners to easily deliver packaged vertical offerings.
  • A new level of agility through a set of Unified Natural Models, which serves as a library of business processes that reflect real-world situations, and enables customers to easily modify their organizations and processes to meet their changing business needs.
  • Simplicity across the board, through the intuitive Role Tailored experience and access to context-sensitive business intelligence (BI) that's relevant to the work at hand. The familiar Microsoft Office user interface drives adoption, and the enhanced BI capabilities help customers uncover fresh insights that can lead to faster and more informed decision-making.

Other Resources:
Keynote recording available at:

Keynote transcript available at: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/exec/steve/2011/04-11convergence2011.mspx

Hydra-Power AX 2012 Case Study available at: http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Microsoft-SQL-Server/Hydra-Power-Systems/Industrial-Equipment-Company-Advances-Its-Business-on-Innovative-ERP-Solution/4000009577

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