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How Things Look from 7%: Growth of the Dynamics Community

October 30, 2013 @ 6:10 AM

how manyLooking at the percentage of folks that have attended 5+ Summits/Forums, I see that I’m one of the few making up that 7%. But what’s most interesting, if you’re part of the 7%, is how we’ve seen the community has grown in such a short timeframe.

I remember very clearly attending the first AXUG Summit. In its beginning, it was a small conference, I believe in Redmond, where exhibitors had a small space in a cramped hallway. Today, look at the number of sponsors and exhibitors that fill these huge expo halls. 5+ years ago we walked a few steps to shake hands with our colleagues, today we have to set aside three days and numerous expo hall hours to make a dent in our who-we-want-to-meet and what-we-want-to-learn goals. If you’re lucky enough to be part of that 7%, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

summit growth


Congratulations Dynamic Communities, especially Andy Hafer (@ahafer) and Frank Vukovitz (@Fvukovits), and to all of its members and supporting partner organizations! It’s no small feat to grow a community to this level in just 5+ years, but we’ve done it. Thank you for a fantastic week in Tampa and now let’s see how we can extend even more as we head to St. Louis in 2014!

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