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Microsoft MVP Breakfast = Breakfast of Champions

October 24, 2013 @ 5:10 AM



A quick thank you to all the MVPs and a special thanks to those that joined us for this morning's Microsoft MVP Breakfast:

Mark Polino: @mpolino

Gus Gonzalez: @GusGonzalez2

Charles Allen: @charlesallenbkd

Joris de Gruyter: @jorisdg

Brandon George: @dynamicsERP

Per Morgensen: @mergetool

Mariano Gomez: @dgpblogster

Murray Fife: @murrayfife

Joel Leicht: @AXManuals

Mitch Milan

Joel Linstrom: @JoelLindstrom

Chris Cognetta: @ccognetta

Jerry Weinstock

Alex Fagundes

Gretchen Opferkew: @CRMgretchen

Frank Hamelly: @sledg77

Belinda Allen: @BelindaTheGPcsi

Jamie Miley: @mileyja

John Lowther: @jlowther

Leslie Vail: @Leslie_Vail

Claus Lundstrøm: @ClausLundstrom

Daniel Cai: @danielcai

Richard Whaley: @AccoladePubs

Howard Swerdloff: @hcswerdloff

Zubin Gidwani: @zgidwani

And of course, a huge thank you to our co-host Fastpast.

Opportunities like these while all together in Tampa really do contribute to the sense of family within the community. So appreciative of this awesome community!

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