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Farewell Fargo, Hello Microsoft Dynamics GP Excitement!

September 20, 2013 @ 11:09 AM

I’m at the airport now heading back to D.C. from a busy week in Fargo for GP Technical Airlift. With 349 attendees this year, you can imagine that the conference is pretty much still going on at the airport with everyone heading home.


For those that follow @jon_rivers, please note that Twitter shut me down due to all of my Tweeting activity in Fargo. That just goes to show that there was a lot to share in the Twitterverse. While tweeting away, I held off on the daily blog posts, but luckily for the Dynamics GP community, a few of our colleagues took the time to write some great posts around the event goings on.


Checkout Mariano Gomez’s blog as he talks about the Day 1 focus on the roadmap refresh and all the buzz surrounding GP Next, Microsoft's next generation of the award winning Microsoft Dynamics GP. Read about the day 1 buzz and then also, Mariano’s additional thoughts on day 1.


MSDynamicsWorld.com also provided a more in-depth look at the roadmap refresh. Read its blog article: Day One: Roadmap Refresh.


Jen Kuntz of Kuntz Consulting authored a couple posts around her time at GP Technical Airlift, including her insights on information presented during the breakout sessions she attended. Read the Day 1 and Day 2 Recaps on the Kuntz Consulting Blog.


Then we were all “wowed” today as promised. Lots of excitement and momentum generated on the last day of the conference – great move! A few highlights from the Twitterverse and I’m sure there will be some wrap up posts to come shortly:


Pam Misialek ‏@PamMisialek2h
Apps will be relevant and powerful to businesses and #msdyngp will lead the way #gpairlift13

Mike Marinaro ‏@mikemarinaro2h
New Win8 procurement app for #MSDynGP will make use of new requisition and workflow features #GPAirlift13

#gpairlift13 dynamics procurement app... Do you like pic.twitter.com/Ind3ObbA5R

Jen Kuntz ‏@kuntzconsulting4h
Q: what are the plans for Business Portal. A: It eventually will go away. Functionality being taken out, made as apps. #GPAirlift13 #MSDYNGP

Mike Marinaro ‏@mikemarinaro4h
Cool! Actively working on copy and paste from Excel to GL entry! Looking forward to that. #MSDynGP #GPAirlift13


And off I go to D.C.! Safe travels to all the attendees heading back home. It was great to see those of you I know and I enjoyed meeting many of you for the first time.

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