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Jay Manley Discloses Why this GP Technical Airlift Event Is More Important than the Last

August 20, 2013 @ 4:08 AM

Jay Manley quoteWhile last year was a launch year event, according to Jay Manley, Microsoft Dynamics GP Senior Product Manager, for anyone interested in the thinking of where Dynamics GP is going in the next ten years, you do NOT want to miss this year's GP Technical Airlift event.

Given the experience and feedback from last year's event, there will be some notable changes to this year's program. Jay shared a few details about the event, including the addition of more Microsoft team members. "The first big change will be around participation by more team members. Last year, we really limited the number of our team members that attended the various functions. This year, we’re asking more Development and Support people participate in the lunches and the Welcome Reception as I feel that this is a great opportunity for the community to meet the people that deliver and support Dynamics GP."

And as for the event finale, it seems that attendees have a big "Wow" factor to look forward to. Unlike in previous years when the event ended with sessions and then everyone jumped a plane home, Jay stated that, "This year, you’ll be disappointed in what you missed if you do that." Jay explained that the conference will end with an “event" -- basically uncovering “the next big thing” the development team has been working on post Web Client.

GPPC is generating some buzz around this "event" (Friday’s General Session). And what's the "WOW" factor? According to Jay, the "WOW" will come from announcing "All of the “big things” development has been thinking about and focused on after overcoming the web client hurdle. We are going to use this Tech Airlift this year, and in future years, to be our key delivery of our technical direction and future looking. We won’t be so open about sharing it early as we have in the past, as it hasn’t always been the best decision to do so, and we feel that in this environment, we can give you “the whole story” in a better environment, rather than by short blogs or second hand, as it sometimes gets around."

(That said, Jay couldn't share any sneak peeks into what’s going to be revealed! )

While prepping for GP tech Air, Jay is also launching a “Reason of the Day" on the official GP blog for those attending the event, following in the success of the more familiar "Feature of the Day." He noted that,"The Feature of the Day series has been a staple of many of Microsoft's releases, and it’s a great way to not only say “we have a new feature!”, but also a way to show the community how they can put it into practice as soon as the product ships."

Jay elaborated, explaining that, "Many people forget that, while web client was a huge undertaking, we also delivered a huge number of new features with Dynamics GP 2013. The great thing about posting those is we shipped not only a demo script with many of them, but also a short PowerPoint showing the features in action. We heard positive remarks not only from customers – as many of them found the new features that they had been waiting for – but also from partners, because we delivered those demo scripts so that they could understand the feature more rapidly."

From talking with Jay, his message his loud and clear: If you thought last year was the main event, think again, as this year and those to come will become THE forum for delivering critical information on the future of GP. If GP is in your future, REGISTER FOR GP TECHNICAL AIRLIFT TODAY!

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