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‘Convergence Climbs the Social Ladder’ with Kerry Rosvold

April 4, 2013 @ 10:04 AM

This is the fourth post in the series “Convergence Climbs the Social Ladder” that features the perspective and insights from the Microsoft-appointed Convergence 2013 official bloggers.

Picture1Convergence was huge for many reasons, one of which was the prominent emphasis on the social community. Prior to the event, Microsoft tapped 11 bloggers to serve as the conference’s official bloggers and promoted the social community with its release of the Live Wall. Once onsite we heard from Wayne Morris, Corp VP of Microsoft Business Solutions Marketing, about the integration of mobile and social capabilities within its go-forward strategy. The Result… A measurable growth in the Microsoft Dynamics social community with a very impressive ranking for the Twitter hashtag #CONV13, climbing to one of the top 10 trending hashtags for the week (that’s global, that’s a huge success!)


On that success, featured Convergence 2013 Official Blogger: Kerry Rosvold, Microsoft Dynamics NAV user since 2004 and blogger for www.dynamicsnavfinancials.com, shares her thoughts on the Dynamics social community:

[JR] How did you leverage social media during the event?

[KR] For me, engaging in social media is just one more way to build community, and building community is what all of this is about! We’re all trying to do our jobs using Microsoft Dynamics products, no matter what they are, and the best way to get those jobs done is to be experts in how to use the products. What better way to learn how to use the products in the most real world way possible than by learning from our peers?

Social media allows us to feed each other little bits of information in a constant stream of accumulated and evolving knowledge. Sometimes that may be “how to”, or it may be “how do I,” or it may be “celebrate – look what I did!” An event like Convergence gives us some space to really focus some of that effort into a single time frame where we can consume all of that information in a more cohesive context.

I leveraged social media in two primary ways during Convergence this year. First, I built a little focus around Microsoft Dynamics NAV Dimensions this year, kicking off a 15 day informational series on my blog, tweeting and promoting on LinkedIn and Facebook daily, and focusing these activities around the presentation I did on the same topic at Convergence. Second, I made sure to tweet a couple of tidbits from every place I was all week, sharing my experience, sharing factoids that were interesting to me, and getting my Convergence experience out there for folks who couldn’t be more than one place at a time.

My NAVUG tribe even had some social media fun with a member who was attending via Virtual Convergence, using Skype on our mobile phones to connect them to the closing Matchbox20 concert. What a great way to keep that connection going, even when we were scattered across the nation!

[JR] How do you think Microsoft’s focus on social integration will affect the community in terms of engaging social channels?

[KR] The continued focus on social integration just keeps expanding that amazing net of knowledge. I’m continually impressed by the number of international experts I meet through social media sources that I would never have the opportunity to meet otherwise. The global impact of community is changing in my life already after being engaged in the social media world for only one year.

[JR] What would you tell community members who have not yet jumped on the social bandwagon?

Pick two or three things to try and just get started. Begin by watching: follow some people on Twitter, or LinkedIn, or read some blogs for a while. But don’t watch forever, engage! Set yourself a “tweet goal” of tweeting once a week about something you find interesting or get involved on the Microsoft Dynamics Community forums by responding to questions. Share your experiences and put yourself out there, you’ll be amazed at what information begins to come back to you, once the world knows you’re there.

About Kerry Rosvold

Kerry Rosvold has been the Corporate Controller at Augsburg Fortress Publishers since 2008, and has been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV as her ERP of choice since 2004. Kerry has been an active member of NAVUG since 2009 and frequently conducts webinars, speaks, and teaches classes on NAV financial topics. She blogs regularly at www.dynamicsnavfinancials.com and also can be found on Twitter @krosvold.

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