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‘Convergence Climbs the Social Ladder’ with Microsoft MVP Gus Gonzalez

April 3, 2013 @ 11:04 AM

This is the third post in the series “Convergence Climbs the Social Ladder” that features the perspective and insights from the Microsoft-appointed Convergence 2013 official bloggers.

Picture1Convergence was huge for many reasons, one of which was the prominent emphasis on the social community. Prior to the event, Microsoft tapped 11 bloggers to serve as the conference’s official bloggers and promoted the social community with its release of the Live Wall. Once onsite we heard from Wayne Morris, Corp VP of Microsoft Business Solutions Marketing, about the integration of mobile and social capabilities within its go-forward strategy. The Result… A measurable growth in the Microsoft Dynamics social community with a very impressive ranking for the Twitter hashtag #CONV13, climbing to one of the top 10 trending hashtags for the week (that’s global, that’s a huge success!)

On that success, featured Convergence 2013 Official Blogger: Gus Gonzalez, Solution Architect at Zero2Ten, Inc. and Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP, shares his thoughts on the Dynamics social community:

Jon: How did you leverage social media during the event?

Gus: I engaged my followers on Twitter and Convergence attendees via other social media vehicles days before the event to drive attendance up to my session on Monday. I was originally scheduled to lead my session in a room with a capacity for 200 attendees but due to the promotion the session received I was moved to a bigger room with a capacity for 440 attendees. The room was full for that session and I think that a big part of that was due to Social Media. On the other side, I tried to keep good commentary via Twitter on the sessions I attended; I received several messages from people that could not attend the event thanking me for sharing the good news. In a way, Social Media enabled many people to participate in the Convergence Buzz even though they were not in New Orleans with us.

Jon: How do you think Microsoft's focus on social integration will affect the community in terms of engaging social channels?

Gus: I believe that the community as a whole holds the key to success for many implementations out there and Microsoft’s focus on social integration makes the community resources more available to everyone pursuing success on their Microsoft Dynamics implementation.

Jon: What would you tell community members who have not yet jumped on the social bandwagon?

Gus: You are missing out big time. I wasn’t an active Social Media participant until recently and to be honest I was a little overwhelmed with the whole concept but I sort of forced myself into it. At first, it was like the first time I bought a smart phone, it looked complex, it looked like it would take a lot of time to figure out, too many options and buttons, but later (just like my first smart phone) I was able to see the potential and I couldn’t believe it took me so long to get active with it. I believe that Social Networking today is the main vehicle to stay informed about what’s happening with your Microsoft Dynamics product and to learn from experts in the field before anyone who’s not involved in Social Media. Staying out of it is detrimental to your professional development and possibly the success of your organization.

Thanks Gus!

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