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Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP Jivtesh Singh Dishes on Convergence 2013

April 5, 2013 @ 1:04 AM

After Convergence 2013, I caught up with many of the Microsoft MVPs to get their insights on the information shared at the event. Jivtesh Singh, Dynamics GP MVP, Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist and GP Blog author, shares his:

imagesCAK5K28C[JR]What did you think were the major announcements and what are the implications for the ERP community(ies) that you support?

[JS] The web client and the upcoming enhancements are exciting for both Dynamics GP partners and customers.

[JR] What information do you feel flew lower on the radar but that can impact / create opportunities for the user audiences?

[JS] I think the upcoming Azure support for Dynamics GP is huge, and will in the next couple of years completely change how GP is deployed. Partners/Customers will be able to focus on the product and its features, rather than the underlying infrastructure - which would be hosted on Azure (secure, scale-able, and robust).

[JR] What was the most asked question that you received during CONV13 and what was your response?

[JS] There were a lot of questions around the web client, and customers were looking forward to using this alternative deployment model. People wanted to know if their add-on products would work on the web client. As the web client can run in parallel with the thick client / terminal server environment my suggestion was to review individually if the features they used were supported on the web client, and then come up with a mixed topology where you had some users on the web client, and the others on terminal server/windows client. You can't really go wrong with that.

Thanks Jivtesh!

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