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Three Wishes for Day 4 of Convergence 2013

March 21, 2013 @ 2:03 AM

Heading into Day 4, I have 3 wishes for all the attendees:

1. Get Social Today in Prep for What’s to Come
You know I was excited to hear Wayne Morris, Corp VP of Microsoft Business Solutions Marketing, emphasize the future role of mobile and social in the Dynamics community during Tuesday’s opening keynote session. Since then you can see that traffic as picked up at The Social Experience as folks continue to post and tweet evidence of their Convergence experience. Whether it’s a fun picture, an announcement, or thoughts on a hot topic, the social community is picking up the pace as the week goes on. One of the best parts is that social media helps us stay connected past the event, so if you haven’t done so yet, join the Twitterverse and let’s keep these conversations going!


2. Make the Most of the Expo Hall
You literally have experts at your fingertips! It’s been a long week, lots of walking, but you have one last chance today to walk the expo hall aisles and talk it up with your partner experts. Even if you don’t have a specific solution or service on your radar, take the opportunity to hear about them anyway. Meet the experts, ask the questions, see the solutions, and when the time comes where your business has new requirements, you’ll be one step ahead in knowing what’s available and who can provide the service.

DM Booth Pic

3. Don’t Miss the Headlining Events
Really an impressive day as far at the agenda goes. The keynote begins at 9:00am, featuring former Secretary-General, United Nations, Kofi Annan – wow! Then Microsoft caps off the night with “Spark the Future,” their Closing Celebration at Woldenberg Riverfront Park. Talking about ending this year’s event on a high note - Matchbox Twenty is performing.

I’ll see you today in Twitterverse, walking the expo hall and rocking out to Matchbox Twenty! Don’t forget to stop by booth #742 today to talk with me and the Data Masons team about EDI for Microsoft Dynamics!

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