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goldenBridge System Support Ending January 31, 2013

February 1, 2013 @ 4:02 AM

Important Announcement Regarding goldenBridge System
(If you have already transitioned to LENS, please disregard this message.)

Attention all Data Masons' VAN users:

Until now, we offered goldenBridge as the online tool to view your VAN network traffic history.

LENS, a new online tool to view your VAN network traffic, will be replacing goldenBridge. LENS offers all of the functionality found in goldenBridge, and more. As soon as possible, we need to move you onto LENS. We will make every effort to keep your logon the same. The password will change for the first logon only and then you can change the password to whatever you use now.

The sunset date for goldenBridge is January 31, 2013. On this date, traffic will stop being fed to the old goldenBridge system, however, your data has been feeding into LENS for almost 1 year. LENS will retain 365 days worth of data.

Your next step is to email esupport@datamasons.com to request a logon. We will email you a logon, temporary password, the URL to access the system and a transition guide.

If you do not currently have access to goldenBridge, but would like to access your VAN network traffic history, please email the Data Masons Support Team at esupport@datamasons.com and we can grant you access to LENS.

All access to the goldenBridge system will stop on February 15, 2013.

goldenBridge and LENS are only tools to view your network traffic and this transition has no effect on the transmission of data between you and trading partners.

Please note that this notification and future support notifications are also available via the Customer Portal.
The Data Masons Support Team
Written by PortalAdmin