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Page 32 of the Dynamics AX User Group Magazine Looking Good, If We Do Say So Ourselves

January 27, 2013 @ 17:01 PM

spotlightThe Winter 2013 Edition of the AXUG Magazine is now out and about in the Dynamics AX community and we especially like the value this edition brings to the community, but we're a little subjective.

In this issue, the ISV Partner Showcase features Data Masons. Dennis Bruce, Director of Business Development, sat down with AXUG to discuss everything from why Data Masons enjoys serving the AX community, to where he expects AX to go next, to how Data Masons takes User feedback into account during the EDI solution for Dynamics AX design process.

Here's a snippit from the AXUG Interview:

AXUG: What do you hope is the next step for Microsoft Dynamics AX?
Dennis Bruce: I think we’ll see a greater integration of all of Microsoft’s solutions – including Skype, hardware, SharePoint, etc. – into Microsoft Dynamics AX. You’ll see more functionality specific to industries. Obviously there will be technical improvements through the next versions, but digging in deep from an industry view will be the place to really start growing. Companies want products that speak to their specific needs, so I could see taking that specific IP and building functionality into the product, then letting the Microsoft Dynamics AX community round it out to a six-digit SIC code.

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