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Put Microsoft Dynamics EDI Solution Providers to the Test with these Must-Ask Questions

Have you ever met an EDI solution provider who didn't claim to offer "tight integration" and "ease-of-use" among other commonly claimed capabilities? When it comes to selecting a Microsoft Dynamics EDI solution you have to know what questions to ask in order to differentiate between all of the available technology options. If talking with a salesperson, you can easily get confused as to which solution is the right choice for your business when they all seem to claim the same capabilities. But this perception could not be farther from the truth, as there is a wide gap between Dynamics EDI offerings, from the technology model through to the customer support guarantee.

The EDI for Microsoft Dynamics Evaluation Check List is designed to take you beyond the product data sheet and software demonstration to uncover the distinguishing factors between various Dynamics EDI options. For example, do you know if the solution is flexible enough to be deployed in the cloud or on-premise? If deployed in the cloud, is there any local software component? Does the solution provider offer a fully- outsourced compliance management service and the ability for you to manage your own mapping and compliance?

No matter where you are with EDI - currently using a solution, evaluating different options, or considering an EDI implementation - I challenge you to put EDI solution providers to the test. By asking the right questions, you can save yourself time and resources in making the right choice for your business and set your business up for long-term success with Dynamics EDI.

Download Your Microsoft Dynamics EDI Solution Checklist and Put EDI Solution Providers to the Test!

EDI Made Simple

EDI Made Simple: A New Approach to EDI

If you're about to bring EDI into your processes, this brief will help you avoid the potential pitfalls often encountered. If you’ve attempted to implement EDI already, you’ll likely recognize at least some of the problems we describe, and gain from our explanations on how to avoid them.This paper will present a clear, simple path to successful implementation of a highly productive and profitable EDI initiative in your company.

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Choosing an EDI Solution

Choosing an EDI Solution: Build or Buy?

Choosing an EDI software solution for your company is a serious undertaking. The right choice results in a smooth and painless process with strong positive ROI. The wrong choice can have detrimental effects for years with poor ROI and ongoing operational and support issues. One key question we often hear is “Should we build it or buy it?”.

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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting an EDI eCommerce Solution

Don’t be caught unprepared with your upcoming EDI project. From the provider and solution, to your business needs post-implementation, a company can prevent costly headaches by being as thorough as possible in their pre-implementation research.

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Integration Without Customization

Integration Without Customization: 3 Keys to Automated Integration for ERP and EDI

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