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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is Coming - Are You Ready?

October 29, 2012 @ 13:10 PM

From GPUG:

As an advocate for the Microsoft Dynamics® GP community, GPUG is the resource Microsoft is relying on to educate users about the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Visit GPUG's Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Launch site to learn what's coming in December and to help you prepare.

GPUG is working closely with Microsoft in offering up information in a timely fashion. Check out our Dynamics GP 2013 site to keep up on the following:

  • Microsoft’s Launch Portal for the latest news and tools.
  • GPUG Regional Chapter meetings in Q4 that will feature Dynamics GP 2013 roundtable discussions.
  • The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Webinar Series - 14 educational sessions to help you understand what enhancements are coming and how you can prepare. The first webinar is this Friday! You'll hear from Microsoft executives on what to expect and why it's time to move ahead with Dynamics GP 2013 now and not later!

Check it out, and prepare yourself and your team for one of the most exciting releases in Microsoft Dynamics GP history.

The GPUG Team

Heather Robinson
Written by Heather Robinson

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