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Data Masons Attains Premier Sponsorship Status with Dynamics AX User Group

February 11, 2011 @ 5:02 AM

The buzz around the office just keeps getting better and we are only 1 month into 2011, so I asked Dennis Bruce, Director of Business Development, if he could share some of what’s been happening around here.

[Jon] I hear that we just signed on as a premier sponsor of the Dynamics AX User Group, so what does this mean to Data Masons?

[Dennis] Becoming a premier sponsor of AXUG is extremely important to Data Masons. We've been actively involved with the user group for the last 3 years as a platinum sponsor and had communicated our desire to move up to premier status if an opening became available. Thankfully this year a premier position opened up and we gladly filled that role. Dynamics AX is currently our largest customer base within the Dynamics ERP community and we want to reflect our support of that particular community in our level of sponsorship. I’m confident that you’ll see Data Masons as a premier sponsor of the AXUG Summit for many years to come.

[Jon] So that means Data Masons is a premier sponsor for both Dynamics AX & NAV and a gold sponsor for GP. Can you share the importance of the Dynamics user groups?

[Dennis] Growing the Dynamics footprint is not only important to Microsoft and the Dynamics reselling partner community, but it's important to the ISV community as well. The user groups are a direct reflection of that growth. Data Masons not only sponsors each of the annual user group meetings, but also regional meetings throughout the year (see below) and other Dynamics-focused events. We do this because we want to build momentum within the user groups themselves. If each of the user groups is active, growing and thriving, that bodes well for the entire Dynamics ERP line as a whole.

[Jon] With Convergence just around the corner I hear you just signed up with GP Partner Connections to be part of the PreGAME event on Sunday April 10th.What can you tell me about this event?

[Dennis] Dynamic Communities is always looking for ways to connect resellers and ISV's and we believe that this initiative needs to be supported by all parties. Very few Dynamics ERP deals get sold without an ISV solution somewhere in the mix; it's just the way that these ERP products were developed. Resellers and ISV's cannot afford to be figuring out how to best work together once an active sales cycle starts. Instead we should be figuring out that part of the equation beforehand, and events such as the PreGAME go a long way in building those relationships.

[Jon] Talking about Convergence 2011, how does this event differ from the user group Summits/Forums and what’s the importance to the Dynamics ecosystem?

[Dennis] In my opinion, Convergence is all things Dynamics from the Microsoft perspective. Members of the Dynamics community need an event like Convergence to not only hear and see what Microsoft has in store, but also to connect with other members of that community. The annual user group conferences are much more targeted to each individual product line. Since they are driven by the user community, you get a distinct product-specific focus for each event. Although similar people might attend both Convergence and the Summit, the focus and tone are different. Both Convergence and the annual Summits are important to the growth of Dynamics, this is why Data Masons is a sponsor for all of them.

With that said I want to share information on some of the events that we’ll be sponsoring and attending in the near future:

Upcoming Events

AXUG New York/New Jersey Regional Chapter Meeting - March 1st
We're co-sponsors with Green Beacon and my colleague Dennis Bruce has the fun task of pulling everyone out of their food commas as he’s on stage straight after lunch. Dennis will be presenting on how Vantage Point can help you with your EDI requirements without the need to customize Microsoft Dynamics AX. Register for Event
Location Details: Microsoft Office in Manhattan

GPUG Washington DC Regional Chapter Meeting- Feb. 17th
No more hibernating inside, it’s time to get out there even if there's still snow on the ground to meet and network with fellow Microsoft Dynamics folks. More info
Location Details: Mid Atlantic Microsoft Office

Convergence, Atlanta – Apr. 10-13
Please visit us at the Expo (Booth #1121).

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