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What's Dennis Bruce Talking About in the NAVUG Magazine Fall 2012 Issue?

August 27, 2012 @ 1:08 AM

If you subscribe to the NAVUG Magazine, did you catch Data Masons own Dennis Bruce featured on page 13 of the Fall 2012 issue? And not so much in a conventional way either. In this edition, the NAVUG team wants you to guess what Norbert Donnelly of GoGo Air and Dennis are talking about during one of the NAVUG events. Take a look at the picture and then we'll throw you a few clues below:


Knowing Dennis, here's what I think they could be talking about:

1. How Data Masons provides a single EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to handle both the supplier- and customer-side EDI?
2. Maybe that Data Masons offers the largest document integration library, more than any other provider in the industry, for quick and easy set-up? or
3. Or how we are focused on delivering customer value and as a result, Data Masons has the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry?

All good choices, but what would you name this photo? Simply email your submission to Captioncontest@NAVUG.com. All submissions will be printed in the magazine’s next issue.

If you haven't yet read this edition, check it out to see which members were featured, read the insightful interviews and get the latest on the upcoming NAVUG events and activities.

Don't receive the NAVUG Magazine? It's published four times each year and mailed to the doorsteps of NAVUG members as an added membership benefit. Want a free copy? Sign up for NAVUG membership today!

Hope to see you all at NAV Directions and NAVUG Forum coming up coom! In the meantime, don't forget to follow #NAVDirections and #NAVUG on Twitter to stay up to date and the latest event updates.


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