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AX 2012 Focus and Benefits Revealed Including Quentin Clark Keynote Highlights

January 24, 2011 @ 8:01 AM

As everyone returns to the office from the Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference , Data Masons’ man on the ground reported some final conference highlights, starting with the keynote session featuring Quentin Clark, General Manager of DB Systems Group for MS SQL Server. If you weren’t able to make the trip to Redmond, here’s a peek as to what Clark presented during his keynote:

- Highlighted the working relationship between the Dynamics development and SQL teams;
- Talked about some of the areas that the SQL team is focusing on for the next version (code named "Denali");
- Emphasized the continued investment in the Cloud with Azure™;
- Discussed the additional focus on interactive reporting with enhanced Business Intelligence (BI) features; and
- Communicated that the current plan is that AX 2012 will only be supported on MS SQL (no Oracle support).

In regards to the Application Integration Framework (AIF), here’s what Microsoft is doing and what you can expect with the latest version:

- Focused on simplifying the integration
- Now built on Services
- Increased performance based on internal benchmark testing
- Ability to run the integration parallel model for multi-threading using multiple AOS
- Increased number of documents now available (approx. 90 available in AX 2012 vs. approx. 45 in AX 2009)
- Introduction of enhanced ports which provide transforms that allow users to convert non-XML file formats into the AIF XML format for import and convert outbound AIF files into other non-XML file formats

And on the new Workflow:
- Increased BPM capabilities within the ERP
- Branching and parallel processes enhancements
- Ability to define workflow with a visual editor

These notes only scratch the surface of all the valuable content delivered at the conference. And so if you missed the conference and would like to learn more about AX 2012, I encourage you to visit Microsoft’s online resources to understand how Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 can help provide innovative solutions for your business.

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