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GP Partner Connections PreGAME Followup from Convergence 2012

April 9, 2012 @ 10:04 AM

Bob McAdam, GPPC Co-Leader; Jesse Byam, GPPC Co-Leader; and Kim Peterson, GPPC Director, recently reminded this year's GPPC PreGAME attendees in Houston that they can provide feedback on the event via a quick survey. GPPC is a partner-driven group and your feedback is critical!

They've also made the presentation materials available to review and share with your team members:

Kick off keynotes by Pam Misialek and Errol Schoenfish. Both shared their views on the exciting opportunity Dynamics GP 2013 will bring to the market.

Kevin Racer's two sessions on the technical aspects on how Dynamics GP 2013 will work.

Mark Stuyt of Sales Works did an excellent job for the sales and marketing room sharing how to shorten the sales cycle.

Pam Kram of Microsoft also offered follow up information for you to leverage for sales support. We hope you take what you learned from Mark and continue to brush up your skills in preparation of Dynamics GP 2013:

Lastly, David Musgrave of Microsoft shared his experiences of PreGAME: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/developingfordynamicsgp/archive/2012/03/27/microsoft-convergence-2012-houston-gppc-pregame.aspx

Thanks GPPC for another great event at Convergence 2012! Hope to see many of the same faces, and more, at the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift event hosted by GPPC. Plan now for your trip to
Fargo to learn how Dynamics GP 2013 will perform.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift Hosted by GPPC
Location: Microsoft Campus in Fargo, ND
Dates: September 12 - 14, 2012
Audience: Technical resources that will implement and develop on Dynamics GP 2013

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