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Dynamics Crowd Goes ‘Social’ at Convergence 2012

April 9, 2012 @ 2:04 AM

With all my encouragement for the community to get ‘social’ and join what Microsoft is doing, it was rewarding to see all of the social activity going on around Convergence 2012. Not only was the Twitter hashtag #CONV12 highly-used to promote the event goings-on, but there were also many other noteworthy examples of individuals and groups upping their activity and going the extra step to engage in the social media space.

For example, I thought what NAVUG did at its DayONE event was a great example of getting the community engaged in using social media channels. In talking with Trish Boccuti of NAVUG, I asked how they came up with the idea of hosting a “Twitter Hunt” during the event.

Trish: “At first we thought it would be cool to do an in person scavenger hunt, but we thought it would take time away from people’s learning experiences. So we came up with the virtual scavenger hunt idea and figured Twitter was an easy way to implement it. It’s such a great, easy way to communicate without burdening people with too many emails.”


Jon: What were your goals in hosting a Twitter Hunt?

Trish: “We wanted to get our members more involved in using Social Media. The goal was actually two part: 1) get users engaged with each other, and 2) encourage the use of Twitter within the NAVUG community.


Jon: Who participated in the Twitter Hunt? Twitter newbies, Twitter pros?

Trish: We had a lot of first time tweeters join the hunt. That was pretty cool to see. We also had a lot of people that had a Twitter account, but never used it really. So we definitely got people engaged and people loved seeing themselves get re-tweeted!”


Jon: Do you think you accomplished what you set out to do?

Trish: “Yes! We grew our @NAVUG and #NAVUG followers by about 35 people. By the end of the week everyone really had Twitter down, including the incorporation of popular community hashtags into their tweets. We’re really pleased with the outcome and hope the momentum carries through.”


What can I say, I love to see us all get more involved in sharing information and networking outside of face to face events! Great work Trish and the NAVUG DayONE planning committee! Looking forward to seeing more of you ‘socially’!

Written by Marketing