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Next Steps After Convergence 2012 to Increase Your Event ROI

March 23, 2012 @ 2:03 AM

Back in the office after an uneventful trip home from Houston. There's no time to rest - there's so much to do to followup from the Convergence goings-on. Here's what's on top of my list and some items you want to act fast on as well as they will help increase the ROI from this event and help Microsoft in preparing for Convergence 2013:

1- Keep the Conversations Going

Whether a new contact or a sales lead, like most of you, I plan to follow up with everyone during the next week by phone or email. But taking it a step further, I'll also look on social media outlets like Twitter and LinkedIn to find the connection online. By connecting socially, I can automatically stay up to date on the contact's goings-on moving forward, and vice versa! This really is a great time to keep the conversation going by connecting online socially!

2 - Download Convergence 2012 Presentations

To locate PowerPoint presentations from Convergence concurrent sessions and deep dive sessions, you can find them immediately via Schedule Builder. To view recordings of the keynotes, general sessions, concurrent sessions and deep dive sessions, visit Virtual Convergence. Both sites will be available exclusively to full pass Convergence attendees (sign in—with the login and password designated upon registration—is required) and will be available for up to one year.

3. Submit Feedback on Convergence 2012

Please help Microsoft continue to improve Convergence by letting them know what you think. Visit the secure portion of the Convergence website to complete online evaluations for each session you attended.

Great seeing everyone in Houston! Looking forward to connection soon.

Written by Marketing