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Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Team Consolidates Troubleshooting Resources on New, Easy to Access Blog

February 27, 2012 @ 5:02 AM

In an effort to make troubleshooting resources more accessible to implementation partners and end users, the Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Team has added a new blog to host its top resources for troubleshooting issues with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Kelly Holwagner, Product Quality Manager at Microsoft, spoke with me the other day as to why Microsoft is utilizing blogs to get more involved in the social community and to distribute information. Kelly has been with Microsoft for over 15 years, starting out in an implementation role for Great Plains manufacturing clients and then most recently, in a quality role with Microsoft Dynamics AX where he drives strategy for all Microsoft Dynamics products.

With the addition of the AX Support Team blog, Kelly explained that they are trying to extend their reach with targeted content that’s easier to find with a one-touch location. Traditionally, Dynamics users have to utilize search engines like Bing or Google to locate content, or struggle with navigating inside of CustomerSource and PartnerSource. As an alternative, this new blog allows people to easily locate the resources needed to troubleshoot issues with Microsoft Dynamics AX. As Kelly put it, the “discoverability” of this content has greatly improved along with the customer and partner experience.

If this latest blog is well received by the community and proves successful, Kelly said we would be seeing this type of blog rollout across other products. Success will be gauged not only on the amount of traffic to the resources, but also on the feedback received via comments on the blog. When referencing the blog content, the Microsoft AX Support team wants you to provide your critical feedback on the content as without it, the Microsoft Dynamics Team can’t tailor the content or improve the way you receive it.

You can also take advantage of this content via an RSS Feed. For more information on adding RSS Feeds check out this article by Microsoft http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/add-an-rss-feed-HA010159539.aspx

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