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EDI Expertise Supporting the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Sales and Pre-sales Industry Summit

February 3, 2012 @ 2:02 AM

Data Masons is excited to sponsor the first Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Sales and Presales Industry Summit. Scheduled for February 13th - 16th in Jacksonville, FL, the event is designed to bring attendees up to speed with the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 industry solutions and arm them with the tools needed to effectively sell and deploy the solutions.

Microsoft has designed this event to dive deeper into the core areas of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and how to leverage the demo tools and messaging pillars - Powerful, Agile, Simple - in showcasing the solution. In addition, discussions will extend the core into Microsoft's five key industries: Manufacturing; CPG & Distribution; Professional Services; Retail; and Public Sector. Microsoft and the event sponsors will present the basis and understanding of how to present and demonstrate the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution in a specific industry and then attendees will learn about the ISV partner solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX EDI, that make up the industry ecosystems.

Data Masons’ EDI experts will join the agenda on Thursday, February 16th to facilitate an in-depth conversation on EDI integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX specifically for companies working within the manufacturing industry. Session attendees will discuss how to support lean manufacturing goals with an EDI solution that tightly integrates common business documents such as invoices, purchase orders and ASNs without ERP customization.

With additional expertise within the Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods, Fresh Produce/Food, FDA-Regulated Industries/Pharmaceuticals and 3 PLs, Data Masons will join First Tech Direct to discuss EDI opportunities within the automotive supply chain. First Tech Direct’s systems and industry expertise provide automotive companies and their suppliers the ability to reduce time to market, improve plant floor production and link supply chain more effectively to production. Key to achieving these goals is a seamlessly integrated EDI solution that leverages the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

By attending this Summit, attendees will learn to:

  • Drive a deeper understanding of how to leverage the demo tools and showcase the solution;
  • Enable the sales and pre-sales individuals to learn the industry and language of the industry;
  • Empower partners to execute sales cycles and demonstrate flawlessly in order to increase the win rate; and
  • Learn about the ecosystems surrounding the targeted verticals.

Join Data Masons and other Dynamics AX Professionals:

  • When: February 13 - February 16, 2012
  • Where: Jacksonville, FL; Crowne Plaza Hotel

Visit PartnerSource for more background information, and register for the training via the Partner Learning Center.

Heather Robinson
Written by Heather Robinson

Heather is an experienced marketing professional who is driven to help companies large and small to expand partner channels, drive leads and revenue, and build strategic relationships through successful marketing programs.