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Mark Polino Interviews EDI Expert Glenn McPeak on EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP

January 31, 2012 @ 1:01 AM

Mark Polino, a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Dynamics GP and a Microsoft Certified IT Professional, recently interviewed Data Masons' Glenn McPeak, a supply chain expert with over 25 years of EDI/ERP solution consulting and ERP/EDI software product design and management. Mark focused on the state of EDI and its integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP, especially insight into the integration with GP '12', which is slated for release later this year.

Mark: Data Masons has been around for some time, how has EDI and its importance changed over the past few years?

Glenn: EDI, which Data Masons broadly defines as the exchange and integration of common business transactions, has grown dramatically in regards to its importance and breadth in business relationships. Today it is quite common for larger organizations to mandate EDI capability as a prerequisite for new suppliers and business partner relationships. While a few years ago most companies traded only a few documents, such as purchase orders, invoices and ship notices, today there are many more documents that can drive labor efficiencies. EDI comes into play because these documents also require more flexible and comprehensive software applications.

Companies that embrace EDI successfully find that they can streamline activities with key partners. EDI technology replaces manual transaction entry, lowers the cost of doing business and eliminates many of the risks that commonly result from human error and miscommunication. Instead, they can run their business 24/7 and manage business transaction flows via exception, for example, receiving an alert when an order is received with price errors or a supplier invoice does not match the purchase order and receiver.

Mark: Microsoft is hard at work on GP ‘12’ scheduled for release sometime in 2012. Is Data Masons going to be ready for that release on time...

For insight into EDI integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP '12' and more of this interview, read the full post.

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