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10 EDI Best Practices: Integrating Your Supply Chain with Dynamics - Infographic

November 13, 2015 @ 13:11 PM

Missed the 10 Best Practices webinar? Get the highlights in this infographic and watch the recorded webinar.

Glenn McPeak, Dynamics EDI subject matter expert here at Data Masons, presented 10 EDI Best Practices for integrating your supply chain with Dynamics at Summit 2015 as well as in a follow up webinar. If you weren't able to attend the live sessions nor the webinar, we hope you'll enjoy the infographic and watch the webinar recording




Click here to watch the webinar recording. Recording is 45 min of presentation, 25 min of Q&A.

You can download the SlideShare deck here.

To learn how Data Masons approaches these best practices with our EDI solution Vantage Point, download our Executive Brief, EDI Made Simple®: Vantage Point by Data Masons.

Enjoy the "EDI Made Simple -  Vantage Point EDI" Brief

Heather Robinson
Written by Heather Robinson

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