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EDI for Automotive Supply Chain

Stay Ahead of the Competition

By improving the speed and accuracy of data exchange

An excellent choice for Tier 1, 2 and 3, providing all critical features and services

Data Masons EDI provides all of the critical features and services needed for companies in the automotive value chain to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics or Macola ERP solutions.

Data Masons EDI for Automotive Suppliers is a comprehensive solution that helps users meet EDI compliance requirements and become more competitive by achieving a lean manufacturing objective through increased efficiency and lower ownership costs. Data Masons EDI's unique automotive solution is powerful, cost-effective and easy to set up and use.

Data Masons expert staff includes automotive industry veterans who provide your company with the solutions and guidance to make your EDI efforts successful. Additionally, Data Masons manages all of your ongoing EDI compliance affordably so you can focus on growing your business, not EDI hassles.

Data Masons EDI seamlessly integrates many of the key documents your partners mandate, such as production forecast schedules and releasespurchase ordersASNs, invoices and other key documents.


Data Masons EDI provides functionality that supplements many accounting systems such as ASN automation, production forecast release management and other key functions.

Other benefits for companies in the automotive value chain:

  • Flexible integration options into our supported ERP products
  • End-to-end solution including network service that reaches partners on ANX, Transnet and other popular value-added networks
  • Supports X12, EDIFACT, ODETTE and VDA document sets to and from your trading partners.



If you're about to bring EDI into your processes, this brief will help you avoid the potential pitfalls often encountered. If you’ve attempted to implement EDI already, you’ll likely recognize at least some of the problems we describe, and gain from our explanations on how to avoid them. This paper will present a clear, simple path to successful implementation of a highly productive and profitable EDI initiative in your company.