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Streamline ASN (856/DESADV) Processing Improves accuracy and lower costs

Data Masons' provides a simplified ASN creation along with a labeling system that produces GS1 Compliant (UCC-128) labels as well as a variety of label formats mandated in the automotive supply chain.  Yet simple to use it provides sophisticated shipment building capabilities such as multi-level packing, where items are packed into cartons, cartons are placed onto pallets and then pallets into a container. 

If you already have an ASN or warehouse management solution, Data Masons EDI is designed to extract data from existing ASN shipping solutions and generate partner-compliant ASN documents.



  • An intuitive, easy-to-learn interface
  • Multi-user packing and ASN creation
  • Native UCC-128 labeling provided according to your partners’ specifications
  • Managed compliance – labeling and ASN maps managed by Data Masons
  • Single-click quick pack options
  • Numerous time-saving auto-pack options for standard pack and “pick-and-pack” operations
  • Manifest and shipping system integration options
  • Interface to FedEx consignee shipments
  • VICS Bill of Lading printing
  • Easily re-open shipments, edit and re-send ASNs to partners
  • Supports serial numbers and lots, with expiration traceability
  • Supports all ASN standards, including SOPI, SOIP, SOTPI, SOTIP and SOI
  • Supports WMS solutions with built-in ASN solutions
  • Designed for integration to WMS solutions with ASN data capture and labeling capabilities. “Push” and “pull” methods are supported
  • Can be used “standalone”, without integration with an ERP solution
  • Supports X12, EDIFACT, VDA, TRADACOMS, cXML and custom formats
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  • Accurate compliance, with Data Masons managing both labeling and ASN maps
  • Processes advanced business rules and compliance validation to eliminate chargebacks
  • Accelerated implementation delivers business benefits from day one
  • Efficient, single-click quick packing options allow users to quickly complete tasks
  • Extends the value of current technology investments for organizations utilizing WMS solutions with built-in pack and ship capabilities
  • Totally automated



If you're about to bring EDI into your processes, this brief will help you avoid the potential pitfalls often encountered. If you’ve attempted to implement EDI already, you’ll likely recognize at least some of the problems we describe, and gain from our explanations on how to avoid them. This paper will present a clear, simple path to successful implementation of a highly productive and profitable EDI initiative in your company.