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Streamline ASN (856/DESADV) Processing Improves accuracy and lower costs

Data Masons' provides a simplified ASN creation along with a labeling system that produces GS1 Compliant (UCC-128) labels as well as a variety of label formats mandated in the automotive supply chain. Yet simple to use it provides sophisticated shipment building capabilities such as multi-level packing, where items are packed into cartons, cartons are placed onto pallets and then pallets into a container.

If you already have an ASN or warehouse management solution, Data Masons EDI is designed to extract data from existing ASN shipping solutions and generate partner-compliant ASN documents.

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  • An intuitive, easy-to-learn interface
  • Multi-user packing and ASN creation
  • Native UCC-128 labeling provided according to your partners’ specifications
  • Managed compliance – labeling and ASN maps managed by Data Masons
  • Single-click quick pack options
  • Numerous time-saving auto-pack options for standard pack and “pick-and-pack” operations
  • Manifest and shipping system integration options
  • Interface to FedEx consignee shipments
  • VICS Bill of Lading printing
  • Easily re-open shipments, edit and re-send ASNs to partners
  • Supports serial numbers and lots, with expiration traceability
  • Supports all ASN standards, including SOPI, SOIP, SOTPI, SOTIP and SOI
  • Supports WMS solutions with built-in ASN solutions
  • Designed for integration to WMS solutions with ASN data capture and labeling capabilities. “Push” and “pull” methods are supported
  • Can be used “standalone”, without integration with an ERP solution
  • Supports X12, EDIFACT, VDA, TRADACOMS, cXML and custom formats


  • Accurate compliance, with Data Masons managing both labeling and ASN maps
  • Processes advanced business rules and compliance validation to eliminate chargebacks
  • Accelerated implementation delivers business benefits from day one
  • Efficient, single-click quick packing options allow users to quickly complete tasks
  • Extends the value of current technology investments for organizations utilizing WMS solutions with built-in pack and ship capabilities
  • Totally automated