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Given how critical EDI is in executing successful business transactions and maintaining strong trading partner relationships, Data Masons offers a variety of educational content to assist organizations in making the best EDI technology decisions for their business.

EDI and Dynamics - Customer Successes and Challenges

Dynamics Users Share Their Success and Challenges 

EDI is constantly changing, evolving, and growing much like every other information technology, making it difficult to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices. To help minimize these challengesthe experts at MSDynamicsWorld undertook a reader survey with the results summarized in this paper. 

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Choosing an EDI Solution - Build or Buy?

Is a custom or out-of-the-box solution right for you 

Choosing an EDI software solution for your company is a serious undertaking. The right choice results in a smooth and painless process with strong positive ROI. The wrong choice can have detrimental effects for years with poor ROI and ongoing operational and support issues. One key question we often hear is “Should we build it or buy it?”. 

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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting an EDI eCommerce Solution

Avoid these 10 mistakes and your EDI project will be on its way to success

Don’t be caught unprepared with your upcoming EDI project. From the provider and solution, to your business needs post-implementation, a company can prevent costly headaches by being as thorough as possible in their pre-implementation research. 

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EDI Made Simple® - A New Approach to EDI

Implement a Highly Productive and Profitable EDI Initiative in Your Company

EDI can be made simple by following a highly successful and proven process, and avoiding other approaches that can create headaches now and in the future. 

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Integration Without Customization

3 Keys to Automated Integration

Follow these 3 steps for a successful automated integration solution for ERP and EDI without customizations, and gain a competitive advantage.

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EDI Made Simple® - Vantage Point from Data Masons

Vantage Point EDI for Seamless Integration with ERP

EDI can be made simple with Vantage Point EDI and following a highly successful and proven process. 

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Selecting EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Controlling the Cost of EDI for Dynamics GP

Could your company benefit from streamlining relationships with your own trading partners? If so, you'll want to make sure that the EDI solutions integrate with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application like Microsoft Dynamics GP and will truly deliver the capabilities you need. 

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Understanding Automotive EDI

Automating and Integrating EDI for Increased Efficiency and Improved Delivery Performance

This white paper educates the reader on automotive EDI, how it works and how to leverage available technology to become more competitive within the marketplace. 

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