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EDI Best Practices for Dynamics AX / 365 

Critical questions for you to consider

Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 customers have options when it comes to EDI or XML integration solutions, but without the right preparation and expertise, the effort can be riddled with expensive and complicated errors.

Watch this recording to learn what questions to ask and how to build the right Dynamics EDI integration strategy for your company.

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10  Best EDI Practices

Integrating your Supply Chain into Dynamics GP 

If you’re implementing EDI, upgrading Dynamics GP with EDI related customizations, or improving upon the EDI solution currently in use in your company, you’ll want to join us as we share 10 Best Practices for a successful EDI implementation.

This webinar recording will share Dynamics GP use cases and include the most common challenges customers experience, how they’ve been able to successfully implement EDI, and benefits experienced so far.

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EDI Made Simple  

Dynamics NAV in the Public & Private Cloud

It’s no secret that Microsoft is pushing to make NAV one of the leading cloud based ERP solutions available. This monumental shift has long term impact on NAV users and solution providers.

Listen as we explain our approach for EDI integration to Dynamics NAV using best practices that make it an ideal fit for the future direction of Dynamics NAV.

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EDI and Dynamics ERP in 2016

Customer Successes and Challenges: 

Many companies are looking to turn EDI into a competitive advantage for their business. Watch to learn how customers can make more educated decisions about EDI purchase options; the greatest challenges companies face in managing their EDI solutions; factors of EDI ownership that relate to the overall affordability like integration and customization; and what EDI solution owners would do differently next time for a better outcome.

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EDI Success: 10 Best Practices 

Integrating your Supply Chain with Microsoft Dynamics: On-DEMAND WEBINAR

Implementing, improving on, or replacing EDI in your organization is no small feat. Without the right preparation and expertise, the effort can be riddled with expensive and complicated errors that could have been easily avoided. Watch as EDI expert Glenn McPeak shares 10 best practices that could help your EDI project be more successful than you ever imagined.

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Selecting EDI for Dynamics GP

Controlling the Cost of EDI for Dynamics GP: PODCAST 

Could your company benefit from streamlining relationships with your own trading partners? If so, you'll want to make sure that the EDI solutions integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP and will truly deliver the capabilities you need. 

Listen to the "Selecting EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP" Podcast

Understanding Automotive EDI

Automating & Integrating EDI for Increased Efficiency and Improved Performance - VIDEO

This video educates the reader on automotive EDI, how it works and how to leverage available technology to become more competitive within the marketplace. 

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Customer Video Testimonials

Vantage Point EDI Customers Share their Experiences with EDI - VIDEOS

These videos highlight our customers' experiences with EDI evaluation, implementation and the impact of successful EDI integration on their businesses, including both supplier and customer side EDI.  

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