Data Masons’ EDI Workflow Scheduler has been a huge benefit for Advantus by saving us thousands of hours of labor in the last few years, enabling us to transact business around the clock.
–Jeff Perrye
Vice President, Finance, Advantus Corp.
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EDI Workflow Scheduler Benefits
  • Save money and time by eliminating user involvement in EDI processes
  • Eliminate the need for user intervention by automating all critical tasks
  • Respond quickly to failed processes or documents via automated email alerts
  • Quickly and easily setup and maintain schedules as business needs require
  • Ensure processes always run in a specific sequence
  • Improve overall system performance and balance system load during off hours
EDI Workflow Scheduler

EDI Workflow SchedulerVantage Point EDI Video

EDI Workflow Scheduler takes Vantage Point EDI to a whole new level of value and automation.

Extending the value of Data Masons’ complete EDI processing platform, EDI Workflow Scheduler enables end-to-end automation of key EDI processes without any user intervention required.

In addition to the business benefits automation introduces, EDI Workflow Scheduler utilizes the latest 3-tier technology platform designed to deliver improved system performance for all users.

EDI Workflow Scheduler Features Include:

  • The ability to schedule key EDI processes such as network send/receive, accounting integration, data extraction from accounting and sending of documents to partners
  • Enables linked tasks – e.g. receive from network then send to accounting
  • Emails error alerts when documents fail through distribution lists defined by the business process
  • A 3-tier platform design that enables processes to execute without client-side processing or accessing the Vantage Point EDI Client
  • Manages the execution of processes, including simultaneous processes that could conflict
  • Define virtually any type of frequency for scheduled tasks
  • Graphics-based scheduling tool allows for the fast setup of routines, as well as the ability to copy and modify predefined scheduled tasks as needed
  • Runs as a service on any workstation or server and does not require Vantage Point EDI to be open and running
  • Self-monitoring capability alerts the user accordingly if the automated processes are disrupted or stop running.
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