EDI Workflow Scheduler

EDI Workflow Scheduler

EDI Workflow Scheduler takes Vantage Point EDI to a whole new level of value and automation.

Extending the value of Data Masons’ complete EDI processing platform, EDI Workflow Scheduler enables end-to-end automation of key EDI processes without any user intervention required.

In addition to the business benefits automation introduces, EDI Workflow Scheduler utilizes the latest 3-tier technology platform designed to deliver improved system performance for all users.

EDI Workflow Scheduler Features Include:

  • The ability to schedule key EDI processes such as network send/receive, accounting integration, data extraction from accounting and sending of documents to partners
  • Enables linked tasks – e.g. receive from network then send to accounting
  • Emails error alerts when documents fail through distribution lists defined by the business process
  • A 3-tier platform design that enables processes to execute without client-side processing or accessing the Vantage Point EDI Client
  • Manages the execution of processes, including simultaneous processes that could conflict
  • Define virtually any type of frequency for scheduled tasks
  • Graphics-based scheduling tool allows for the fast setup of routines, as well as the ability to copy and modify predefined scheduled tasks as needed
  • Runs as a service on any workstation or server and does not require Vantage Point EDI to be open and running
  • Self-monitoring capability alerts the user accordingly if the automated processes are disrupted or stop running.