Data Masons’ support staff is helpful and does a very effective job of defining the problem and communicating action items.
–Tom Antoni
IT Manager, LMC Industries, Inc.
quality support services
  • Fast turnaround on critical issues
  • Experienced technical support that knows your accounting system, EDI and industry-related issues
  • Secured portal access allows access to a technical support database and ability to register support requests and follow the progress of those issues
  • Remote software technology allows our support staff to diagnose and fix problems immediately
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Data Masons Support Services

Great support is a key element of EDI Made Simple®

Data Masons knows that excellent EDI support is necessary to keep your business running smoothly and keep your trading partners happy. Knowledgeable and friendly support is quickly delivered by our staff, using the latest technologies. However, support is only part of the story. We know that great support begins by providing an error-free solution that is intuitive and easy to use. This philosophy allows us to focus on real EDI issues and not software bugs and the problems that can result from poorly written software.

Standard support is provided at no additional charge to trained users of Vantage Point EDI. Support is staffed by functional and technical personnel, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time. Customers also have access to Data Masons' online Customer Portal where they can log support calls, submit software requests and search the knowledge base. Support can be contacted directly in three ways:

  1. By phone 866-575-1631, option 2
  2. By emailing Data Masons Support at
  3. Via the Customer Portal: Username and password is required.

All calls and emails will be documented and logged into our internal system and a support incident created. A support consultant will follow up within the designated times listed below.


Support Levels

Standard Support

Customers will be contacted within no more than three business hours, as defined by the hours of operation above, after a support incident is logged into our internal system.

Premium Support (Optional)

Customers who have purchased this level of support will be contacted within one business hour, as defined by the hours of operation above, after the support incident is logged into our internal system.

Password protected Live Chat with Technical Support.

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