Supply Chain EDI for Dynamics

Supply Chain EDI

A breakthrough solution for supply chain automation

Finding technologies that maximize supply chain system profitability is becoming increasingly difficult. Vantage Point Supply Chain EDI solution can unlock one of the most important cost-saving options available for supply chain management.

Better visibility of inbound and in-transit products

Vantage Point Supply Chain EDI lets you electronically integrate common supplier and customer business transactions with your Microsoft Dynamics solution. Using established and widely used technology, Vantage Point Supply Chain EDI allows you to electronically send purchase orders and receive invoice documents and ASNs. This “closed-loop” supply chain solution provides outstanding and rapid ROI, with a huge savings in labor, paperwork and error-related costs for a very modest investment.

Powerful ASN and invoice integration

One of Vantage Point Supply Chain EDI’s most powerful supplier-side features is its ASN management and integration. During their EDI fulfillment process, your vendors can send an ASN at the time of shipment which is integrated into your system’s purchasing, inventory and billing applications. When the goods arrive, a single barcode scan can receive the entire shipment – including serial number and lot number registration.

Vendor invoices can also be integrated electronically. Each invoice is matched and validated electronically against the original purchase order and receivables and, if correct, is posted into your Accounts Payable at the click of a mouse.

File format flexibility

Files can be loaded and integrated from a variety of formats, including ASC X12, EDIFACT, ASCII delimited or fixed position, XML, cXML, PIDX, Oildex and RosettaNET.