EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgements

855 PO Acknowledgements

Outstanding flexibility for 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgements

Purchase order acknowledgements are a common and demanding EDI document for many trading partners. Most partners expect fast and accurate acceptance, rejection or amendment. Vantage Point EDI enables your company to automatically leverage valuable data in your inventory planning systems to respond to this crucial EDI document. Individual acknowledgements can be amended prior to transmission. These features minimize time and labor while maximizing flexibility and accuracy.

Configured to your trading partners’ EDI 855 requirements

Automatic 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgements and 865 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgments can be generated based on predefined settings configured by each business partner. Each 855 template comes with a customized screen that is configured for the needs of each partner. “Drop-down” selections and data fields are limited to applicable values for each customer so that illegal values cannot be transmitted. This simplifies the acknowledgement process and helps prevent errors.

ERP system integration

The ability to meet a customer’s delivery request often depends on the inventory availability and planning information stored in your accounting/ERP system. Vantage Point EDI is designed so that purchase order acknowledgements can be prepared directly from your inventory planning system through an XML export.

File format flexibility

Files can be loaded and integrated from a variety of formats, including ASC X12, EDIFACT, ASCII delimited or fixed position, XML, cXML, PIDX, Oildex and RosettaNET.