Data Masons Managed Compliance

Outsourced Compliance

Managed compliance equals EDI Made Simple®

Data Masons includes all the compliance changes you will ever need. All ongoing mapping and compliance changes are handled for a nominal annual fee. Your company does not have to do anything with EDI, EDI labeling or EDI specifications – Data Masons handles it all.

Map changes can be effected instantly using Data Masons’ SAAS (software as a service) technology without updates or complicated installations.

Vantage Point EDI trading partner kits can be purchased and installed in minutes so your company can begin transacting with business partners immediately.

Unlike other EDI outsourcing providers, you don’t have to pay for translation on our network or website: you can translate and deliver unlimited amounts of data for no additional cost. One low fee covers all of your needs.

Some companies prefer to create their own EDI maps and partners. Your company can maintain compliance “maps” using Vantage Point EDI’s powerful data transformation and mapping tool – the Universal Data Translator. This allows you to manage your own compliance in-house.