EDI Invoicing for Dynamics

EDI Invoicing (810 and 880)

An advanced storage and translation system

EDI invoicing is a crucial aspect of the EDI business cycle. Effective EDI invoicing can mean the difference between efficient payment processing and costly delays.

One-step conversion of accounting invoices into EDI-compliant invoices

Vantage Point EDI is designed to extract invoice data from your accounting system and render partner-compliant EDI invoicing. Most accounting systems do not store the EDI data necessary to produce a complete EDI invoice. Vantage Point EDI manages this issue so your company can send partner-compliant invoices.

Because Vantage Point EDI captures all EDI-related references in the original purchase order and provides powerful cross-reference functionality, it can produce EDI-compliant invoices from accounting system invoices that do not store all of the EDI data. In other words, required EDI-related information does not have to exist in the accounting system itself.

Rigorous partner-specific data checking

Unlike most EDI solutions, Vantage Point EDI warns users of compliance errors before transmission. Invoice data is checked against each partner's specific requirements; when critical information is missing, a warning is triggered. For example, Wal-Mart may require a tracking number with the invoice while Sears may not. As a result, a missing tracking number will trigger a warning for Wal-Mart but not for Sears.

Also unlike most EDI solutions, Vantage Point EDI does not force users to provide information the partner does not require.

Other benefits include

  • Standard Allowance Charge (SAC) handling with all supported accounting systems
  • Sales tax and value added tax (VAT) support
  • Supported data formats include XML, ASCII Flat File, EDIFACT and ANSI X.12
  • EDI invoices can be edited before being sent out
  • EDI invoices previously sent may be re-transmitted in needed

File Format Flexibility

Files can be loaded and integrated from a variety of formats, including ASC X12, EDIFACT, ASCII delimited or fixed position, XML, cXML, PIDX, Oildex and RosettaNET.