EDI Integration for Contract Fulfillment and Third Party Logistics

EDI Integration for Contract Fulfillment and Third Party Logistics Providers

Increase efficiencies and accuracy

Vantage Point EDI significantly increases efficiency and accuracy in your order-to-shipment-to-invoice process. This can help your company speed up order fulfillment processing, sell to new customers, and improve accuracy and traceability. The system is also flexible enough to handle complex business and document relationships and support a wide variety of business scenarios and customer/supplier relationships.

Featuring an easy implementation process and a low total cost of ownership, Vantage Point EDI allows you to reduce costs and maximize your IT investment by leveraging the system’s functionality among all your trading partners. These benefits make Vantage Point EDI particularly well suited to the needs of third party logistics and contract fulfillment companies, public warehouses, and similar enterprises.

Tight integration of common business documents

Vantage Point EDI’s “out of the box” ability to tightly integrate common business documents such as SDQ purchase orders and Advance Ship Notices (ASNs) without document and transaction fees makes it a perfect choice for users of our supported ERP solutions. Specifically, Vantage Point EDI supports bidirectional integration of key documents such as:

  • Warehouse Shipping Order
  • Warehouse Shipping Advice
  • Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice
  • Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice

Complete ASN packing solution

Vantage Point EDI offers a complete ASN packing solution with compliance labeling that enables cost-effective ASN and label compliance. The system includes UCC128 Compliance Labeling, VICS Bill of Lading Solution, Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice and Inventory Status Reporting. The system also offers advanced handling of ASN documents including the creation of ASNs from Warehouse Shipping Advices and the ability to generate a complete 945 document from a warehouse shipment that can be converted into an ASN by the customer.

Compatible with virtually any communications protocol

Vantage Point EDI is an end-to-end solution including network service that reaches partners through AS2, FTP, traditional VANs and virtually any communications protocol via Data Masons’ third-party communication solution provider, Cleo Communications. It fully supports all commonly used versions of EDI, XML and custom ASCII file integration and mapping, and supports X12, EDIFACT and international document sets to and from your trading partners.

EDI industry expertise

Data Masons’ expert staff includes EDI industry veterans who can provide the solutions and guidance to make your company’s EDI a competitive advantage. Additionally, Data Masons manages all of your company’s ongoing EDI compliance so you can focus on growing your business, not on EDI hassles.