Important Exact Announcements from Data Masaons

Important Exact EDI Announcement

Data Masons Software’s business relationship with Exact Software will change effective August 1, 2012. On August 1st Exact will no longer be an OEM Business Partner for Data Masons but can instead continue to offer EDI software product from Data Masons as a referral partner.

Data Masons will continue to provide support, software, maps and all services without interruption through our support email address (, support line (866-575-1631 x2), or customer portal.
Data Masons understands the critical importance of EDI operations and there will be no interruption in support resources or response. Support requests no longer need to be registered through Exact, but rather directly with Data Masons effective August 1, 2012.

Additional EDI software or partner maps can be requested through your Exact customer advocate or reseller partner. Businesses not actively working with a partner or Exact Software can contact the Data Masons sales team at 866-575-1631 x1 or email

Questions about this relationship change or any other topic can be directed to our sales team at 866-575-1631 x1 or email us at

Maintenance and support renewal invoices will come from Data Masons effective August 1, 2012. Maintenance renewals and support invoiced by Exact prior to August 1, 2012 will be honored and no additional fees will be required. Payments for EDI renewal invoices prior to August 1, 2012 must be made to Exact. After August 1st, all renewal invoices will come from Data Masons and be payable to Data Masons directly.

The Data Masons team understands there will be questions about this transition and we want to assure you there will be no disruption in service levels or increases in ongoing costs. As stated earlier, all of the support, maintenance and map development will continue to come from Data Masons – the only significant difference is that support requests will no longer be processed through Exact’s customer portal/support line but rather directly by the Data Masons support team via email, phone or customer portal. This new process will simplify support and increase response times to your requests. We will deliver equal if not better service and overall experience.

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) are provided to help answer questions that you may have now.

If you have any questions feel free to send them to or call us at 866-575-1631 x1.

Q: Is Data Masons going to continue to support EDI with all versions of Macola?

A: Yes. We will continue to improve the functionality and service that we have delivered for the last 13 years to Exact EDI customers with no change.

Q: What is Vantage Point EDI as opposed to Exact EDI?

A: Vantage Point and Exact EDI are the same product. Exact EDI is Vantage Point branded with the Exact EDI name and Exact logo on the main screen.

Q: Why is this change occurring?

A: Data Masons is committed to making the customer experience as seamless as possible and moving to a direct service model is going to provide better levels of service and overall satisfaction for EDI users.

Q: If I need to purchase a new partner, how do I order the partner?

A: Please contact our sales team and they will assist you with the purchase of new partners.

Q: When can I begin calling Data Masons directly?

A: August 1st. Please continue submitting support requests through the Exact portal until then.

Q: If I have registered a support request through Exact’s Portal that is still open, will I have to register it again after August 1st?

A: No. There is no need to “re-register” requests with Data Masons. All requests will be present in Data Masons’ support system and will be managed without any additional notice from your company.

Q: Can I work through my business partner for support and new product orders?

A: Yes. We are happy to service both business partners and end users.

Q: I am a premium support customer - will I receive the guaranteed response time from Data Masons?

A: Yes. We will provide the same guaranteed response time - 1 hour. Additionally you will access to live chat via our support website – an added benefit.

Q: Will the Exact EDI branded product continue after August 1st?

A: No. The Exact EDI brand name will be replaced by Vantage Point EDI.

Q: My Exact EDI maintenance renewal invoice reflects an annual renewal date prior to August 1, 2012. Will Data Masons honor the support and maintenance commitment until the next renewal?

A: Yes, any maintenance renewal period that commences prior to August 1, 2012 should be paid to Exact. Maintenance and support cycles that renew after August 1, 2012 should not be paid to Exact – you will receive a bill directly from Data Masons and that invoice should be paid instead.  

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