EDI Made Simple® for Microsoft Dynamics

An Alternative Approach to Integration and Compliance

When it comes to EDI integration, you can forget about Dynamics ERP customizations – it’s that simple. Unlike other EDI technology options, Data Masons’ unique technology approach not only eliminates manual processing, but also any unnecessary and costly ERP platform customizations. And as your business evolves and EDI requirements change, Data Masons simplifies ongoing mapping and compliance changes by offering outsourced management of these requirements.

Our “All-In-One” EDI Solution Makes it Simple and Cost-Effective to Support EDI

Vantage Point EDI is a packaged solution with powerful data transformation capabilities – not just a tool to build integration, like other alternative products. Vantage Point EDI includes everything a company needs for EDI compliance with virtually any trading partner, without third-party tools such as translators, mapping tools and labeling systems. This allows for an easier implementation, a more efficient operation and a higher level of support.

Providing extensive EDI functionality such as a native ASN solution, third-party warehouse EDI integration and solutions that enable e-business integration with customers and suppliers, Vantage Point EDI enables automation of your entire supply chain.

EDI compliance is a key component of Data Masons’ all-in-one approach. You do not have to waste time internally trying to figure out what changes your trading partners have mandated. Map changes can be made instantly and your trading partner documents can be redeployed in minutes, without disruption to your current environment.

With Data Masons focused on all your EDI needs, your company can focus on its business.

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