Vantage Point EDI software is easily the best EDI solution I have found. The ease of use and flexibility allows you to be EDI-enabled with a wide range of trading partners very quickly, with minimal programming and setup time.
–Gary Godman
Director of Information Technology, ESI, Inc.
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dynamcs nav edi Summary
  • Little or no source code changes needed for tight integration
  • No document or transaction fees
  • EDI experts who know Dynamics NAV 2015, NAV 2013, NAV 2009 and 5.0
  • Cost-effective EDI solution with low-risk setup
  • Enterprise-class performance and functionality
EDI Transactions
EDI Integration for Dyamics Nav ERP

Vantage Point EDI for Dynamics NAV™

An all-in-one solution that provides enterprise-class EDI functionality and performance

Vantage Point EDI provides a simple yet powerful EDI integration and compliance solution for Dynamics NAV, without invasive customization. Vantage Point EDI enables your company to conduct transactions with any customer or supplier via EDI, making it the most complete solution on the market.

Tightly integrated with Dynamics NAV for lower risk and expense

Like Data Masons’ AX and GP versions, our Dynamics NAV solution runs alongside rather than within Dynamics NAV. This means that new customer requirements are managed separately from the accounting system. Another advantage of this less-invasive approach is that it avoids expensive Dynamics NAV customization and forced upgrades, resulting in better results with much lower risk and expense.

All Vantage Point EDI modules and features are available for use with Dynamics NAV (v5, NAV 2009, NAV 2013 and NAV 2015). One low maintenance fee covers all software and support, including updates for all Vantage Point EDI integrated documents and new Dynamics NAV releases.

All EDI compliance handled by Data Masons

Since all EDI compliance requirements are handled by Data Masons, all labeling, mapping and ongoing compliance changes are delivered direct to your company with no hassles. This means you can focus on your business – not EDI.

Additionally, all of your business partners’ EDI compliance is maintained by Data Masons at a nominal cost. Vantage Point EDI trading partner kits can be purchased and installed in minutes so your company can begin transacting with business partners immediately.

Extensive functionality

Vantage Point EDI offers extensive functionality, including automated processing, powerful error logging and exception handling, streamlined and accurate ASN processing, and native RFID support. Data Masons' state-of-the-art EDI Supply Chain solution enables you to create your own trading partner network and send EDI purchase orders out and receive ASN/Invoices – a technology that produces a huge ROI.

Fast, non-disruptive implementation and integration

Unlike other solutions, a Vantage Point EDI implementation is a setup process rather than an expensive, risk-filled project. Full installation can be done in less than a week at most sites. Once implemented, EDI integration for Dynamics NAV is completed with the least number of steps and fewest screens possible. This means optimized performance, less work, and fewer errors.

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