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10 Tips on How Microsoft Dynamics-based Fresh Produce Growers Stay Ahead of the Competition with Traceability, Accuracy & Cost-effective Speed

As Microsoft continues to successfully deliver top-notch industry focused solutions, it’s becoming increasingly more important that Dynamics ISVs also bring industry specialization to the table. No longer can clients and perspective Dynamics users be fooled by partners that can pull a few catchy words from the industry terminology, but now they require customer evidence of vertical capabilities, and a little lingo won’t go far. Finding the ISV that can successfully address your vertical requirements means that the ISV solution will work in synergy with Dynamics to support your business.

For medium- to high-volume growers selling ornamental plants, flowers and seeds to home improvement centers, wholesalers and retailers, finding a Dynamics EDI solution with vertical expertise can significantly increase the efficiency of your business operations and your competitive advantage. Here are the top 10 things that growers should consider when selecting such an EDI solution:

1. iTrade – Can your Dynamics EDI vendor directly connect to iTrade without additional transaction fees?

2. Chep Pallet ASN’s – If your company is using CHEP pallets, the world’s leading pallet and container pooling company, then is the solution provider flexible enough to support ASN’s? Would you like the ability to potentially send additional information related to the shipment, such as order information, product description, physical characteristics, type of packaging, marking, carrier information, and configuration of goods within the transportation equipment?

3. Substitutions – Time to time you may not have the necessary goods in stock to fulfill customer orders, but you agree to substitute the goods, for example, another brand or maybe two 8oz bags instead of the requested 16oz bag of frozen goods. How does the solution handle the logic within your solution…

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Take 3 minutes to see how to implement EDI without any Dynamics customizations. Watch Video>

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