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Achieve 20/20 Vision When It Comes to EDI in the OEM/Subcontractor Relationship

From EDI Expert, Glenn McPeak:

The automation of the transaction flow in the world of EDI is unclear for companies that want to automate the exchange of business documents between themselves (OEM for this discussion) and a sub-contract manufacturer, or those companies that are the subcontracting partner for others. Issues such as materials ownership, stocking, arrival notification, production scheduling, ERP system integration and the costing of the goods and service are not always well understood by EDI and ERP systems.

Often times the service provided is just one step in a manufacturing sequence that’s driven by a step in a shop order, as opposed to a purchase order or similar document. Some component materials may be provided by the sub-contractor, while others are owned by the buyer of the product and service. Lack of communication and integration of business systems result in scheduling challenges, stock shortages and other problems caused by the lack of communication within this supply chain exchange.

Handling these situations in a manual environment has its challenges and high overhead given…

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“Cheers” to Healthier Bank Balances when Dealing with ASN’s and Dynamics

From the 1st day I got involved with the Dynamics EDI industry, I continuously heard that EDI ASN’s (Advanced Ship Notice) would trigger very high emotions for anyone having to deal with them. So with pen and paper in-hand, I first asked the EDI Senior Specialist who was training me, “Why is this?” In record time I got my first answer, “Errors in ASN’s can result in chargebacks and these can be very expensive to the retail supplier!”

Rolling into the New Year, I’m once again thinking about those ASN comments and how they relate to one of my New Year’s resolutions – having a much healthier bank balance. If you’re like everyone else who has been affected by the recent economic struggles you’re probably thinking about the importance of having a healthier bank balance so that you can securely ride through the down times, if and when they happen again.

So how can understanding what errors result in chargebacks in the first place improve the health of your company’s bank balance? For a full list of errors, offers a very comprehensive list on this page:

Once we understand where errors can happen, a 3-step approach can be taken to limit or remove chargebacks all together…

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