Partnership program overview

Data Masons understands that EDI for Microsoft Dynamics can be a vital component of your sales cycle or your customers’ business. We recognize the importance that Dynamics resellers play in the sale and deployment of EDI, and are committed to helping you deliver an end-to-end solution. By providing multiple partnering methods, you have the flexibility to work with us in the capacity that you believe is best for your business, and your customer.

Flexible partner relationships

Not all ERP resellers want to have in-house Dynamics EDI experience and would rather have a trusted partner that they can call at a moment’s notice. For these resellers, Data Masons provides responsible sales and pre-sales resources that can bring experienced EDI resources to your client engagements, with little or no investment. However, if your organization has in-house EDI expertise and want those resources to be part of the overall solution, Data Masons' reseller program is set up to put your organization in a position to deliver Vantage Point EDI from both a sales and deployment perspective.

For more information on Data Masons' partner programs, contact us at: 866-575-1631 (option 1) or complete the form.

Trading partners

Data Masons has built trading partner maps to more than 1,000 companies. Some of our most-requested companies are listed here. If you do not see a specific company and would like to find out if we maintain that trading partner document, please email Trading partner maps not currently in our library do not cost any more than the ones that we currently maintain.