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Becoming a Partner

Partnership program overview

Data Masons understands that EDI for Microsoft Dynamics can be a vital component of your sales cycle or your customers’ business. We recognize the importance that Dynamics resellers play in the sale and deployment of EDI, and are committed to helping you deliver an end-to-end solution. By providing multiple partnering methods, you have the flexibility to work with us in the capacity that you believe is best for your business, and your customer.

Flexible partner relationships

Not all ERP resellers want to have in-house Dynamics EDI experience and would rather have a trusted partner that they can call at a moment’s notice. For these resellers, Data Masons provides responsible sales and pre-sales resources that can bring experienced EDI resources to your client engagements, with little or no investment. However, if your organization has in-house EDI expertise and want those resources to be part of the overall solution, Data Masons' reseller program is set up to put your organization in a position to deliver Vantage Point EDI from both a sales and deployment perspective.

For more information on Data Masons' partner programs, contact us at:
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Qualifying your Dynamics clients

How do you know if Data Masons' Vantage Point EDI solution is a match for your clients? With years of proven ERP/EDI integration experience, we've identified the top 10 indicators that make Microsoft Dynamics-based organizations prime candidates for our all-in-one approach to Dynamics EDI. Take a closer look at EDI Made Simple if your client is:

  1. Dedicating significant resources to ERP-related transaction data entry

  2. Experiencing high costs of errors

  3. Looking to enter into new, larger accounts

  4. Finding that margins are low

  5. Maintaining a short transaction life cycle

  6. Dependent on accurate product fulfillment

  7. Processing transactions 24/7

  8. Dissatisfied with the time consuming 3-way matching process for vendor invoices

  9. Has high-volume shipping

  10. Supporting "Green" business practices

1. Dedicating significant resources to ERP-related transaction data entry, and this particularly sales order and accounts payable processing; this affords the opportunity to become a leaner organization.

2. Experiencing high costs of errors as a result of manual data entry.

3. Looking to enter into new, larger accounts. Many mid-size and large firms have an EDI and/or XML integration initiative and will ask your customer if they are capable.

4. Finding that margins are low with all, or certain customers. EDI/XML integration is a cost-saving technology that can drive down the cost per transaction.

5. Maintaining a short transaction life cycle. If your customer needs to receive and ship orders quickly, EDI/XML automation is a proven solution to accelerate order processing by eliminating the reliance on human intervention.

6. Dependent on accurate product fulfillment and cannot afford for any orders to fall through the cracks.

7. Processing transactions 24/7 as either a necessity or supportive operation to the business cycle.

8. Dissatisfied with the time consuming 3-way matching process for vendor invoices. A comprehensive EDI solution can automate this process and report only on discrepancies. Perhaps the customer would prefer to move to a payable based on the receiver, dispensing with the invoice process.

9. Has high-volume shipping. Freight companies offer discounts to customers that provide Load Tenders and electronic Bills of Lading via EDI. For non-EDI enabled companies, reconciling freight invoice can be laborious. EDI offers help with electronic reconciliations and allocations to avoid overpayment on improper freight charges.

10. Supporting "Green" business practices as an important part of its corporate citizenship. EDI is one of the leading "green" technologies in the business world as it eliminates the use of paper and physical movement of documents between partners.

Trading Partners

Data Masons has built trading partner maps to more than 1,000 companies. Some of our most-requested companies are listed here. If you do not see a specific company and would like to find out if we maintain that trading partner document, please email . Trading partner maps not currently in our library do not cost any more than the ones that we currently maintain.